About Sergeants Towing

About Sergeants Towing

Steve and Rachel Preston founded Sergeants Towing in March, 1995, starting with three trucks, four employees, and one office and storage location in Portland's Rose Quarter districk.

In July, 1995, Sergeants began serving the City of Portland in one tow district, and began serving the City's lone Abandoned Vehicle Contractor.  At that time Sergeants acquired a second storage facility on North Portland Road to meet abandoned Vehicle Contract requirements.

In December of that year, Sergeants Dispatch and Lien Service began operations.  Sergeants acquired a second City Contract tow district assignment in July, 1996, operating out of Portland Road Facility.

In February, 1998, the company expanded to offer automotive service to external customers.  With the August, 1998 acquistion of Collection Agency status, Sergeants began providing repossession towing service.

Sergeants was re-awarded the City of Portland Abandoned Vehicle Contract in October, 1998.

In August, 1999, Sergeants opened its third storage location, in Beaverton, to better service its Washington County customers.  The Sergeants Towing and Automotive team now number 34, and the fleet of company vehicles has grown to 12.

Prior to founding Sergeants, Steve Preston accumulated nine years of management experience at one of the Northwest regions' largest towing companies.  Steve currently serves as the President of the State chapter of the Oregon Tow Truck Association, after having served as Secretary and Vice President in the previous years. 

Previously, Steve served two years as Chairman of OTTA's Columbia chapter, and continues his service as an industry Representative on the City of Portland Tow Board.  Steve has an associate degree from Oklahoma State University.

The company name derives from Steve's nickname, "Sergeant Preston".  "Sergeant Preston of the Yukon" was an early television show about a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman and his faithful German Shepherd King.

As the company and its account continue to grow, the primary commitment of the Sergeants team is to provide excellent customer service.

In doing so, "We salute our customers".